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About Asia -Pacific Aromatherapy

Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy was established in 1999 by Christine Saunders, now our Honorary Principal, with the vision of promoting the benefits of aromatherapy in the Asia-Pacific region through the training of top quality professional aromatherapists.

The school offers the most comprehensive diploma course in Asia in both English and Chinese, and is the only one in Hong Kong that is accredited by and affiliated with three international governing bodies for aromatherapy, including the UK-based IFPA, NAHA (the USA) and NZROHA (New Zealand).

To date, the school has developed into a one-stop shop offering not just a popular spectrum of introductory, certificate and diploma aromatherapy courses and workshops, but also holistic, nature-based therapies that aim to heal and revitalise.

To meet the soaring demand of our students and clients, we are also selling a vast selection of top healing quality essential oils, carrier oils, synergies, and related accessories that are usually available only to therapists in the field.

As an academy, we strive to keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the international research arena, and will never compromise on our standard of excellence for the sake of commercial advantage. We are trusted by our students and clients, and we grow alongside them.

Our Honorary Principal

Christine Saunders, T.I.D.H.A. received her diploma in Aromatherapy in 1994 and immediately began practising privately with clients in Hong Kong. Seeing a need for professional aromatherapy training in Asia, she began work in 1997 to set up a school to offer specialist and professional training in aromatherapy.

Christine has dedicated her life to sharing her passion for and knowledge of essential oils. As a therapist, her goal is to support her clients through the healing process. As an educator, her aim is to give students the foundation they need to become confident and competent practitioners.

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Caroline Fan BEd, MA, MIFPA, MNAHA
Executive Director
Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy

Caroline is diploma graduate of Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy (APA) and took up APA from the Founder, Christine Saunders in 2007 just when she completed the diploma course.

With Caroline’s solid training in Education field and over 15 years working in a management position in commercial settings, together with her knowledge in aromatherapy, she is dedicated to contribute all her experiences to upkeep APA’s leading position of aromatherapy school in Hong Kong and also promote the therapeutic value of using essential oils in our daily life to the general public.