APA World Expert Series 2017

The Science of Ayurveda Aromatherapy
– an insight into vibrational medicine and subtle energy

20 & 21 May, 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)
10:00am - 5:00pm

Admiralty Conference Centre,  Admiralty
Hong Kong

Farida Irani
World Renowned pioneer in Ayurveda Aromatherapy, acclaimed author and educator

Farida is regarded as a pioneer in the concept of Ayurveda Aromatherapy. Through her clinical research and studies she has combined the ancient sciences of Ayurveda with the science of Aromatherapy and has been successful in reviving this ancient branch using rare essential oils in Ayurveda. She is an international lecturer, principal of the Subtle Energies College of Ayurveda Aromatherapy in Australia.

Farida is a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner, a clinical Aromatherapist and teacher qualified in Aromatic Medicine. She completed her post Graduate studies (Ayurveda Nishnata) with world renowned Prof Dr. P.H.Kulkarni. In 2006, the International Ayurveda Open University awarded Farida her Ayurveda Parangat in recognition of her work in Ayurveda.

Farida’s clinical research, her book “The Magic of Ayurveda Aromatherapy” and courses, have received international recognition and awards.

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Day One

Overview of Ayurveda principles, history and fundamentals of what Ayurveda Aromatherapy as a science is.

Introduction to Ayurveda

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • The history of Ayurveda
  • Introduction to the Panch Mahabhutas
  • Diagnosis through body types in consultation as a practitioner
  • Introduction to Doshas, tissues and waste products
  • Following a dinacharya or daily routine for health and well-being
  • Body types, constitution, blue print you are born with
  • Koshas (Sheaths of the body)

Meditation on Chakras

  • Brief introduction into vibrationary medicine and subtle energy channels such as Chakras, Nadis and Marmas
  • Introduction to Marmas (pranic centres in the body) and their connection with Nadis and Chakras
  • An overall view to Nadis
  • An overall view on each chakra

Day Two

Overview of Ayurveda Aromatherapy and their healing properties and the connection with charkras.

Meditation and Scientific Healing Affirmations

  • A brief synopsis 12 essential oils from the Ayurveda Aromatherapy pharmacopeia:
    Jasminum sambac (Mogra), Pandanus oderatissimus (Kewda), Ocimum sanctum (Tulasi), Vetivera Zizanoid (RhuKhus), Michelia alba (Champa), Lawsania alba (Gul Heena), Crocus Sativus (Saffron), Nardostachya jatamansi (Jatamansi), Artemisia pallens (Davana), Citrus medica (Lime), Curcuma longa (Turmeric), Nilumbum speciosum (Lotus), Pipel betle (Betel leaf)
  • Introduction to 4 commonly used carrier oils in Ayurveda Aromatherapy pharmacopeia:
    Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi), Embilica Officilanus (Amla), Sesamum indicum (Black seed sesame), Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha),
  • Introduction to some of the specific chakra concentrates and blends
  • How essential oils help in creating that balance through the chakra and eventually have an impact on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies and chakra should be chakras.
  • How to protect/balance oneself as a practitioner and not get drained of one’s energy


Standard Fee
Full Seminar - HK$4,280 per person
Day One Seminar – HK$2,400 per person

Early Bird Fee (before 31 March, 2017)
Full Seminar - HK$3,400 per person
Day One Seminar – HK$1,900 per person

APA Existing Tutor, Diploma & Certificate Student
Per Person – HK$2,180

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Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy Residential Class in Provence (LEVEL I)
by Essential Oil Resource Consultants
Tutor: Rhiannon Harris
Venue: 83840 La Martre, France

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This nine day program of intense study and aromatic fun in Provence is ideal for all qualified aromatherpists who wish to further their knowledge and skills in advanced clinical aromatherapy applications.

The opportunity to immerse oneself in studies in a safe and supportive learning environment in the mountains of Provence is widely appreciated by students from all over the world.

Starting with theory and moving onto practical applications for all routes of administration, you will have the opportunity to learn and master the foundations of clinical formulating.

The program costs include your tuition, accommodation and transport needs within France as well as two meals per day and represents excellent value for money.

Day One

Meet at Nice Cote D'Azur Airport and travel by coach to Grasse, the International City of Frangrance for lunch in the old town and the chance to begin getting to know one another.

After lunch, explore the city of Grasse itself with a special "prestige" educational tour of one of its famous frangrance houses, Maison Fragonard in the heart of the city.

Then on the way to the base of the program - the town of Castellane to have dinner in the hotel.

Day Two

Start with a light and easy botanic hike to encounter typical aromatic plants of Provence in the morning from Castellane to the perched village of Bargeme. encounter a range of wild aromatics such as lavender, mountain savory, thyme, juniper, pine and fir and discuss in terms their chemistry, etraction, research, traditional and medicinal uses along the way.

Studies begin by reviewing the main principles of advanced clinical aromatherapy and the relevance of essential oil chemistry. Follow by a relax and enjoy evening.

Day Three

Enjoy the lively and colorful event - Market day in Castellance and meet Christine Blanc of PlantaDelice, one of the artisans selling essential oils, local herbs.

After lunch, continue studies on the theme of essential oil chemistry, exploring the main chemical families of essential oils and individual components using research as well as analyses to enhance our understanding.

A free relaxing evening on your own.

Day Four

Back to La Martre, continue studies with essential oil chemistry and begin a detailed exploration of pharmacokinetics and the different interfaces of absorption, their indications, dosage guidelines, safety and contraindications.

Another free relaxing evening on your own.

Day Five

Spending all day in studies at La Martre, continue to focus on the different interfaces of absorption. Each interface is explored in detail with example formulations and precise rationale. It provides us with the opportunity to review familiar routes of adminstration as well as discover the internal routes in a safe and supportive setting.

Returning to Castellane for a free relaxing evening.

Day Six

A day of educational aromatic fun with the morning start taking a visit to the region, heading up to one of the main lavandin growing regions of France, the Valensole plateau.

Lunch in the scenic town of Moustiers Sainte Mrie, famous for its faience pottery and stunning location as the village spans a gorge with waerfalls and torrent. Then trace the Verdon river back to Castellane for dinner and a relaxing evening.

Day Seven

Getting up early for the small market in the town centre today before starting teh whole day of studies in La Martre.

Attention of studies in the afternoon and evening will be given to essential oil safety and guidelines for preparing essential formulations. Exploring how to work with volume and weight for more precision and begin formulating for a range of conditions, making preparations for all the routes of adminstration.

Day Eight

Full practical day with lively sessions permits you to directly apply all the information studied in the past few days into direct practical relevance : formulating and preparing a range of remedies for each of the routes of adminstration, with time to discuss their rationale and increase the confidence of students. Getting up early for the small market in the town centre today before starting teh whole day of studies in La Martre.

Day Nine

Checked out from hotel and leave Castellane to visit a distillery for a guided tour of the facility that specialises in distillation under vacuum. After enjoying a picnic lunch in the distillery and head towards Nice, stopping en-route for a brief pause at the perched village of Gourdon, for a view of the coast and last minute souvenir shopping before descend to the airport.

Fee 2,100 Euros

all group transportation costs during the program from days 1 to 9
all accommodation with breakfast and one meal per day from days 1 to 9
accomodation in a twin bedded room sharing with a member of the study group
any guided visits during the program on all excursions
comprehensive documentation and certificate of attendance

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