Our introductory course has been formulated to provide an entry point into the wonderful world of aromatherapy. Completion of the course will give you a general picture of what aromatherapy is, and a basic understanding of some major essential oils as well as ways to apply them in daily life.

Study Mode

The course comprises theory and hands-on practice sessions.
Participants will take home a 10ml blend with their own choice of essential oils learnt during the class.

Course Content and Learning Hours

This 2.5-hours workshop is conducted in either English, Cantonese or Japanese.

Key content as follows:

  • What is Aromatherapy
  • The definition, nature and origin of essential oils
  • Therapeutic uses and daily applications of essential oils
  • Safety in Aromatherapy
  • Introduction of 6 major essential oils and 2 base oils
  • The art of blending (hands-on practice)

Course Fee

Class Venue
North Point
Room 1001, 10/F, Java Commercial Centre, 128 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Kwun Tong Training Centre
2A-03, 2/F, Hung To Centre, 94-96 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
(Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station)

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Course Schedule

Course Code: INKC010617
Language: Cantonese
Date: 12 June, 2017
Class Day: Monday
Class Time: 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Venue: Kwun Tong

Course Code: INC010617
Language: Cantonese
Date: 14 June, 2017
Class Day: Wednesday
Class Time: 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Venue: North Point

Course Code: INKC020617
Language: Cantonese
Date: 17 June, 2017
Class Day: Saturday
Class Time: 10:00am - 12:30pm
Venue: Kwun Tong

Course Code: INE010617
Language: English
Date: 19 June, 2017
Class Day: Monday
Class Time: 10:00am - 12:30pm
Venue: North Point

Course Code: INCK030617
Language: Cantonese
Date: 23 June, 2017
Class Day: Friday
Class Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Venue: Kwun Tong

Course Code: INC010717
Language: Cantonese
Date: 8 July, 2017
Class Day: Saturday
Class Time: 10:00am - 12:30pm
Venue: North Point

Course Code: INE010717
Language: English
Date: 10 July, 2017
Class Day: Monday
Class Time: 10:30am - 1:00pm
Venue: North Point

Shireen Calucin, MIFPA, MNAHA**

Shireen is an internationally qualified holistic aromatherapist and tutor specializing in prescriptive blending for skincare, natural perfumery and animal care.

She has been teaching the aromatherapy diploma courses at Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy since 2002.

Over the years Shireen has developed a range of professional aromatherapy workshops and courses and has extensive experience in lecturing and facilitating the classes. Her passion for and knowledge of essential oils is shared in each and every class she teaches.

Shireen has 9 years of experience working with physically and developmentally challenged individuals in Hong Kong to improve the quality of their lives through the sense of touch and smell using essential oils. She also incorporates crystals, colours and flower essence in her healing work.

Shireen has completed respected courses of study in Animal Aromatics, Aroma Cosmetology, Medical Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Aura-soma. Her continuing studies include herbal medicine and natural perfumery.

MIFPA - The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
MNAHA - The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

Chung Wai Sing, Henry, APDHA**

Henry graduated from the Diploma Course in Holistic Aromatherapy in Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy (APA) in 2009.

Currently, he is a freelance Holistic Aromatherapist dedicated to aromatherapy education and natural living. He has been teaching in APA introductory course since 2011.

Henry also holds a Diploma in Beauty Specialists and Diploma in Facial Electrical Treatment with ITEC in 2007 and 2008 respectively. He integrates his beauty perspective into teaching aromatherapy, providing a comprehensive yet holistic approach to learning this healing art.

**APDHA-Asia-Pacific Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy


Sandra is French and living in Asia since 1993, she has a background in Retail & Management. In 2009, she was introduced to yoga and meditation by a wonderful inspiring Yoga Master, ever since then, she have great passion towards holistic therapies and one's well-being.

She then continued her journey in pursuing a higher level in yoga and became a yoga teacher in 2012. She then started her journey in aromatherapy with Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy and became an international qualified Aromatherapist by 2014.

To enhance her knowledge and experiences in the field, she studied several holistic therapies and got more qualifications such as Reiki I & II Certificates, crystals chakras body healing, Hot stone aromatherapy massage diploma while she is working as an professional aromatherapist. She enjoys making blends with her unique recipe for clients based on her clinical consultation and their physical, emotional or spiritual needs.

Sandra loves to share her experiences and knowledge on essential oils with people through teaching in APA especially in her own mother tongue – French.

APDHA – Asia-Pacific Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy
MIFPA – member of The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapist
MNAHA – member of The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
MFHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists