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An Invitation...

Dear Prospective Students,

An invitation is being extended to you to explore the wonderful world of Aromatherapy.

I am lucky enough to have an exhilarating aromatherapy practice. This incorporates one-to-one  consultations with my clients, which is inspiring and very fulfilling. I also run a variety of workshops on  aromatherapy and massage. These workshops were created to enable participants to gain confidence and  skills in applying essential oils.

The response and enthusiasm towards the workshops have been wonderful. Seeing the changes in the participants, and hearing how the magic of essential oils has enhanced the lives of the workshop students and their families has been very rewarding.

The workshops are an introduction to aromatherapy, but as with all short courses, the participants were left asking for more in-depth understanding, the details of which could not possibly be conveyed in the limited amount of time available. This is why I have developed a fully comprehensive Aromatherapy Diploma course.

Upon successful completion of the course content for all ten modules, you will be a fully confident and competent practitioner, ready to work with friends, family and future clients.

Each of the comprehensive course components will walk you through the journey required to become a fully qualified therapist. The tutors are noted as being outstanding in their specialised fields, not to mention their being inspiring and motivational.

So, I invite you on a journey of discovery... Who knows what might happen to you? It changed my life!


Christine Saunders
Founder & Honorary Principal, APA