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Date & Time
23 October 2017 (Monday)
10:00am - 2:00pm

North Point

Course Code

Date & Time
26 October, 2017 (Thursday)
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Kwun Tong

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Foot Reading will walk you through a new way of learning about your feet and yourself. A pair of feet tells a lot about the owner, they are the mirror of who we are. Foot Reading explores the personality and character of a person through their feet and toes, accessing the spiritual and emotional levels.

It's used by Therapists to understand their clients from a more holistic perspective to help people identify the issues in their lives and to help them move forwards. It's a great tool for personal development to access your full potential!!

Topics covered
Everyone will read their own feet to gain understanding of who they are! We will look at:

  • the way we walk and stand
  •  foot shapes/toe shapes
  •  toe position / direction
  • calluses, corns, warts......

Who should take this course?
Anybody interested in learning more about their feet. This workshop is also suitable for students and professionals of any holistic discipline to supplement their learning and daily practice.

Course Fees: HK$1,200 (Includes course notes)

**A 15% discount for APA Certificate and Diploma students

Language: English

Feet are like a map of the body, mind and spirit
can reveal a lot about their owner's well-being.

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Monika Dobler

ABOUT Monika Dobler 

Monika Dobler is a Reflexologist who currently lives in Switzerland.

Her healing journey has brought her in contact with many different therapies in Switzerland and Asia. Her passion and heart lies "within the feet" and she lets herself be guided by her hands and intuition to find insight into a person’s wellbeing.

She is also one of our diploma course tutors of reflexology under the topic of Holistic Views. She is here in Hong Kong to share her knowledge and to give Reflexology treatments and feet readings.